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December 15 2008


December 14 2008

Signing off,
Emma Leona.

Love you guys...and I'll see ya...somewhere.

December 13 2008

I'm bored as hell.
I know the opportunities for me to say that on here are going down the drain. That fucking sucks. ;]

December 12 2008

sweet charity on Flickr - Photo Sharing!

soooo its the last foto friday

this is my cool lucky brand belt buckle. peace, mah brothas.

December 11 2008

I just woke up from a nap.
Good nap..nice and warm. Relaxing.

It's 2:20. What time do you suppose I have to go into work?
If you guessed 2:30, you get the gold star.


crazy all week on Flickr - Photo Sharing!

Yet another rainy, oddly humid day.

Wednesday is the only night I watch TV.

I'm currently cuddling up to the holiday episode of Mythbusters and Top Chef's on at 10. I'll probably fall asleep, but..wooo!

December 10 2008

stupid green day song on Flickr - Photo Sharing!

So this is the last writing wednesday.
I feel funny. This is weird.

These will continue, NO DOUBT.
3037 f931
I just downloaded "Wish Upon a Star" to watch tonight.
It's a terrible movie, but I have fond memories of renting the VHS and watching it at one of my slumber parties.
Well...almost watching it. My mom turned it off in a frenzy after the word "hickey" was mentioned. Haha. Of course it was on Disney Channel again..so I watched the rest. Katherine Heigl's in it - very young. Kinda can't wait to watch it.

December 08 2008

8058 95c9

December 07 2008

float on on Flickr - Photo Sharing!

It snowed last night (whooo.) Yeah, sure, snow's pretty..especially the first snowfall.

But here's my theory.
I really hit it off with Pownce in the summer. Good times. Awesome, even. I was my happiest then...opportunities were upon me..the SUN was shining.
So, now...my relationship with Pownce is waning..in the winter. How appropriate. Things are dying..it's fucking cold..and I, most definitely, will not be as happy as I was in July.
So maybe this makes sense. Maybe this is what was supposed to happen.
8059 82cb 500
Without blackberry messenger, my life would have no substance.

December 06 2008

war is over on Flickr - Photo Sharing!

Every time i go to the mall, i end up not wanting to go back for like 5 years. But I did end up getting a birthday present for the bff, christmas presents for my brother & mommy..and these PJ shorts at Aerie (American Eagle's lounge wear store) for myself. I have a whole drawer of pajama shorts, men's boxers that I buy in my size and sweats. It's a sickness, I think.
1) I plan on spending a lot of money today on
- christmas presents
- sweaters
- boots
- undies
2) I log on to vox and then I'm like..."no."
3) I love Saturdays. Tomorrow it's supposed to snow. I don't love snow. Anyone have a one way ticket to Cabo?

December 05 2008

Not in the best mood...but...
fajita & margarita friday is upon us! Complete with good friends, PJs and a movie. I think I'll choose Step Brothers...a laugh would be so nice :)
I just scooped ice cream for 100 sugar high preschoolers.
Sundaes with Santa :]

Point of this post: I'm still sticky and my back hurts. Halp.

December 04 2008

Chicken Wing

(WAV, 23.9 KB)
thank you, chain text message, THANK YOU.

December 03 2008

8060 ce32 500
so late for work.

and showers are my new way to wake up...I haven't had coffee in a couple weeks. WHOA.

writing wednesday lives onnnn

December 02 2008


(DOC, 70 KB)
So. This is my Slam Poetry that I had to write and perform for my Black Voices English elective. Let me know what you think, my dear friends.
Play fullscreen
And, that banner, is it going to become a [frigging annoying] countdown for shutdown?...I don't appreciate it SLAPPING ME IN THE FACE every time I open this page.

Tunes: I think we all need a conversation with ourselves. =P
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